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Recording Euphoria

August 7, 2015

I'm not going to beat around the bush, the recording of Euphoria was a challenge. Most of the songs I write could fall into several musical veins. Usually I bring a demo (and an open mind) into the studio and, together, producer Steve Catizone and I go through a series of brainstorming sessions to find the exact fit. We take into consideration where my mind was when I wrote it, where his mind was when he heard it and also what is current (and soon-to-be popular). Often times we let others listen and see what they're hearing. Not so with this little ditty.

I had concocted such a specific recipe for Euphoria; I only heard it as an EDM track. If you don't know what EDM stands for - and, truth be told, lots of people have asked me - it's Electronic Dance Music. Look, I even highlighted it for you. Spread the word, and, while you're at it, listen to 90% of the music out there today. Jokes. Sarcasm is just my sense of humor, don't you know me by now? ;-)

Seriously, though, there was just no way around the EDM thing for me. I wasn't looking for anyone else's opinions on this one. Well, I wouldn't tell them to shut up if they had an opinion, but I just sort of nodded my head, "mmhmm, mhmm...that's nice. NO."  It's a beautiful melody when played as a candlelight version on guitar or piano but for the official release of the song it had to be electronic. It just had to be. This was a song that needed to sit inside your gut and sprout up through your chest cavity until you felt an explosion - an emotional explosion. (Consult your doctor if anything else occurs. Ew.) Now, to help turn the song I had already written into that explosive, energetic electro style I keep mentioning? That was a producer's job.

Because the music was the main ingredient for this track and a lot of Steve's creativity had to go into it, Euphoria became a co-write. My first! Aside from the boring business stuff that goes into a co-write it was pretty exciting. At Steve's suggestion, I started my own publishing company called SnowZone Music. Not gonna lie, pretty proud moment. Side smile. Fist pump.

A lot goes into creating an EDM track and, as I mentioned in my previous post, Years Ago...Writing Euphoria, it was about the music for me, not the lyrics. It had to have just the right amount of energy and sparkle. Steve had a big job ahead of him and, although I toyed with the idea of working with a different producer on this, one who resided on the East Coast, Steve assured me it was meant to be our track. Well, if you could see the amount of e-mails, phone calls, voicemails, text messages and recording sessions (not to mention months) it took to create this song, your mind would officially be blown and you would completely understand why we have too many versions of Euphoria to even count. It's a good thing I have boatloads of patience, that's all I'm sayin'. Okay, okay. Steve has some patience, too. Especially when dealing with a picky songwriter like myself. We've definitely overcome some hurdles in the last few years and, look, we're still going strong. Yay us!

Steve killed it, though. In the end, the music captured my vision completely. As I've said about my previous songs, I strongly urge you to listen to the instrumental version so you can hear every little detail and magical touch that Steve put on this track. Nobody could have done it better.

When I found Darcie Lozeau (a former member of an all girls Boston pop group) to tell (aka "sing") the story of Euphoria, I hit the jackpot. She wasn't messing around. She doesn't just sing really well, she saaaaaaangs, my friends. The music that comes out of this girl is richer than my favorite Paula Deen's Fudgy Brownie recipe. (Seriously, so good. Talk to my cousin Steph.) Darcie was the absolute perfect person to work with all around. She is over-flowing with talent but so unbelievably humble about it. She's sweet as can be, great at communicating (a biggie in this industry), a good listener, bursting with creativity and so open-minded. She was willing to work with me beyond just putting her heart and soul into this song. Darcie is a true-blue musician, happy to be surrounded by music, just like me. I have learned a lot from her. After we recorded Euphoria, Darcie stuck with me and helped me turn it into a journey all its own. I can't wait for you to hear her original music, which, I am honored to say, she is sharing with me as she records it. Addicted! I can honestly say she has become a friend and not just another business contact and that's the stuff I am mostly thankful for as I continue on this incredible musical adventure.

While Euphoria was in it's final mixing stages, my Dad and I were listening to the latest version on our ride home from the recording studio. As the last note sounded and the car filled with silence, my Dad said "Lana, this deserves a music video."

And so we made one.

Stay tuned for that story and more coming up in The Chronicles of Euphoria.

While you're waiting, take a listen to Euphoria and check out the lyrics below. I look forward to your feedback and thank you for your ears!

Euphoria - featuring Darcie Lozeau

Until then...




I've never known what its like to touch the bottom of the sea

I've never seen the sky while lying next to you

I've never let go of my heart completely, to never feel again

I've never lived in a world where love is truly blind

I'm going round in circles

Hearing voices in my head telling me to hold on

And take me to Euphoria

I've never been there

I've never been there 

I've never been there

I've never been beautiful in your eyes

I've never felt the wind rush through me as I run through the city streets

I've never been behind the wheel of my own life

I've never held someone who held me back, giving strength to my weaker ways

I've never looked into the eyes of my own child

I'm going round in circles

Hearing voices in my head telling me to hold on

I'm spinning round, and round, in circles

Only catching my breath when it hits me you're fading away

To Euphoria

I've never been there

I've never been there

I've never been there

I've never been beautiful in your eyes

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