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New Song - 2nd cut off EP

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

November 30, 2008

Hellooooo everyone! Thanks for checking back in here to see whats up on this musical journey of mine.

Well I will tell you what's up - I just completed my second song off of my album. The song "I Know" is really revolving around the idea that, although so much has changed, what would it be like to go back to the way things were? I'm sure everyone in the world has felt that way before about something or everything. That feeling of nostalgia? C'mon, we all know it!

It was fun in the studio, even more fun than recording the first track because this time I was able to work with a few great musicians - one of them being my producer Derek playing bass, keyboards and guitar, the others being lead guitarist Chad Stevens and drummer Eric Anderson. Each of the musicians recorded their parts separately, just listening to a scratch track. So cool to watch. I wrote the song so I know exactly how it's supposed to sound, but to have someone who has never heard the song before just come in, listen to a skeleton melody and add some of their own creativity is just awesome. Obviously this is what makes a musician a good musician, but I just can't imagine how much undiscovered talent is out there. It's amazing. 

Basically, this is what went down. Derek and I were working and fiddling away with "I Know" and it was turning into a little fluffy tune. Fluffy is not the adjective I was hoping for for this song. I was constantly being told that it sounded "pretty." And it got prettier and prettier. I knew it was pretty but I wanted it to be a feel good jam song - something you can sing along to and jam to at the same time. You can't jam to "pretty." I'm sorry but it's just not possible. I heard Delta Goodrem's song "In This Life" many times before but one Saturday morning on my way to the studio I was feeling defeated with the direction of "I Know." While listening to "In This Life," I realized her chorus in that song is something of the idea I was hoping for - where the guitars just blow it up. Make it jammable. When I played it for Derek I watched it click in his head of what exactly I was hoping for. From that point on, we turned the direction of the song and it took on a life of its own. I re-sang the vocals on the track, giving it much more strength and feeling and VOILA! "I Know" was reborn. 

Both songs - "All These Years" (the first track I completed at Mockingbird Music Studio) and "I Know" - will be released on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon, etc... in just over a month. 

Stay with me - 3rd track to begin soon!



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