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Appreciation, Support & Acknowledgement

December 1, 2015

From the second I decided to let someone hear the music I had been secretly writing my entire life up to now (over a decade later, after my latest professionally produced and recorded song release), I have learned a lot about the music industry and the people in it. If you can bear with me, I'd like to share my thoughts regarding one of the most important lessons I have learned in my journey thus far.

If you're a musician working with a team, whether it be just a songwriter/producer team or an entire camp (i.e. engineers, full band, managers, songwriters, so on and so forth), acknowledging and supporting each other is so very important and goes a long way for everyone involved. 

Every song I've released has been written by me; every lyric, every note. The song is brought to life in the studio with the expertise and creativity of a great producer as well as other talented musicians and industry folk: singers, guitarists, drummers, bassists, pianists, engineers, studio techs, assistants, managers, studio owners and more. My song creation process takes a village and I am proud and honored to work with each and every person in that village. Because of this, I show my appreciation. It's just what I do. I don't have to think about it, I don't put it off, I don't need to be asked, I just do it because I believe it's important. I feel so, so strongly about this. These are the people that allow me to do what I love! So whether you're the songwriter or the producer, you're helping each other. You can never underestimate anyone's involvement or talent when it comes to your passion. I know I've said it before, but damn it, I'll say it again: music makes me who I am. It gets me up every single morning, it gets me through every day and it helps me sleep every single night. It continues through my dreams and the whole thing begins again. So, for me, if you're involved in my music, you're a part of my life. It's not meant to sound creepy or stalker-ish, it's just the truth. You're that important to me.

For those of you who have been following my journey, you have probably seen that I have and will always continue to acknowledge and thank everyone involved in my music as well as those who help to promote it after it's release - DJs, VJs, fellow musicians, friends, family, social media followers, etc... because without them -- without YOU -- these songs wouldn't be at the level that they are and I wouldn't be as happy as I am. After releasing a new song it feels like my "team" grows; so many new connections are made between myself and the musicians I have the privilege of collaborating with. I love following their careers and I feel honored that we created something together. Seeing what BJ Knights, Steve Catizone, Sophia Moon, Louie Bello, Natalie Duffy, Darcie Lozeau, Cory Paza, Joshua Carl and Yuni Rain (to name a few) continue to accomplish in this incredible world of music is so exciting to me. I can't help but support and cheer them on every step of their way.

I don't have a photographic memory by any means, but when it comes to music I remember every kind word, positive comment, like, share, heart, tag, re-gram, re-post, re-pin, re-vine, re-snap, re-blog (and all the rest of the "re"s out there) that I have ever received from the people I have created music with. I don't need to tell the musicians I know that it's a pretty amazing feeling to be appreciated, supported and acknowledged by each other. It shows that you've surrounded yourself with not only the best people in the industry, but the best people. Period.

I'm dropping the mic now.



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