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Arlanna grew up in a small town on the south shore of  Boston, MA. Her love of music began at a young age when she first saw Judy Garland sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in the Wizard of Oz. Arlanna began teaching herself to play the piano by ear and never showed anyone how she filled her diaries with poetry, using the melodies that came to her in her dreams to create an endless songbook. Finally, one of Arlanna's piano teachers discovered her love for songwriting and, with his encouragement, Arlanna began recording and playing her songs for others, allowing her to work through her soul-gripping stage fright. Music has taken Arlanna on a journey that has allowed her to overcome her life-long struggle of telling the world who she is and what she is capable of, finding the courage she never knew she had. Arlanna has collaborated with artists from all over the country and beyond. Her songwriting spans genres from Pop to Country, R&B to Alternative with an original spin that is uniquely her own. Her songs range from ballads of yearning to catchy, up-tempo numbers – each song invoking emotions of love, loss and life. Her songs introduce a brilliant and imaginative new sound while speaking to the same themes artists have been writing about for centuries – what it means to be human.

"What I want to pass on is what I have been putting my life and soul into: my music. I started writing music to make people understand who I really was, which has always been a challenge. My lyrics are direct entries from my diary, things I was too shy to say or too afraid to feel 'out loud.' Many people work so hard to stand out, to be special and to prove that they are different. I work just as hard to blend in, to be the same, to prove that I am just like you. If my songs make a difference to just one other person, that’s all that really matters."

~Arlanna Snow

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